Discover what lies beneath your anger and find calm.

We want to help you explore the roots of your anger. There are many different sources of anger. Sometimes the source is internal, like perceived failure, injustice or mental/emotional health issues. Sometimes it’s external, like humiliation, being provoked, hurt, or loss. 

As anger can have external or internal origins, so can the expression of anger. Anger often results in outward behaviours like verbal arguments, aggressiveness or physically lashing out, and it can also cause internal behaviours like silence, retreating, substance abuse or depression. Inappropriate displays of anger could also spur more serious mental health or emotional issues. 

How Does Standing Stones Help with anger?

We believe it is beneficial to process anger with someone who can help you learn coping skills and explore and identify what may be lying beneath the surface of the anger. Sometimes, just figuring out what the triggers of our anger are can defuse the escalation phase and help avoid a crisis. If anger is something you struggle with, counselling may provide answers and relief. 

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