Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions you might be asking yourself. Let us answer.

Counselling, or therapy as it is often called, is an opportunity to talk to an objective, compassionate, trained professional about a variety of issues that are important to you. It can be about one specific problem or multiple issues that you’d like help with. It is a collaborative process and requires an active role from both you and your counsellor. 

It’s great to have a supportive network; however, a neutral third party often provides unique insights that insiders may not possess. We believe that leaving family and friends out of the equation is sometimes the healthiest solution because distance affords a different perspective and maintains objectivity. 

We do not offer direct billing.  It is the client’s responsibility to explore if their benefits offer coverage for Professional Counsellors. Please call if you would like to discuss our professional designations so you can enquire with your provider. 

Therapy sessions are typically 50 minutes, but we have options for extended sessions. Clients typically meet on a weekly or biweekly basis depending on the client’s needs. The length of time spent in therapy is determined by the counsellor and client together and will depend on the individual client’s circumstance.   

Counsellors/therapists scope of treatment is talk-therapy.  Typically, therapists have their master’s degree, and yearly continuing education.  While, psychologists provide counselling services, they also provide psychological testing for schools, courts, and other entities. Psychiatrists are medical doctors that specialize in behaviour and tend to limit their talk therapy and are available for medication management. If you or your therapist think you may benefit from medication, you will be encouraged to have a discussion with your family doctor, and they can make a recommendation to a psychiatrist. Often clients find that medication and talk therapy are used together for the best outcomes.

We believe that change is possible when one person begins the process. We are all powerless to change someone else’s thoughts, feelings or behaviours but talking it over with a neutral third party can help with perspective and offer hope. Small changes can make a significant difference. 

We offer affordable counselling services for individuals, couples, and families.

Individuals: $175-200
50 minutes

Couples: $200
50 minutes

Extended Couples: $225
75 minutes

Families: $225
75 minutes

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