Partners of Sexual Addiction and Betrayal

You can overcome betrayal. Standing Stones offers understanding and support.

What do you do when your partner has a sexual addiction?

If you are the partner of someone who has engaged in sexual or emotional affairs or other forms of sexual behaviour betrayal (such as heavy use of pornography), it is understandable that you will be upset and confused and need someone who specializes in this type of trauma counselling. 

How does Standing Stones aid partners of Sexual Addiction and Betrayal?

Partners need a safe place to share their pain and shock and to heal from the betrayal and breach of trust that has happened in their relationship. We understand the need for validation of the pain and trauma they are experiencing, and we help them realize they are not responsible for their partner’s sexual addiction. We focus on the needs of each partner and offer tools and resources to help them on their journey to healing and wholeness. 

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